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The Masterson Method® Seminar-Workshops are tailored to the needs of horse owners, trainers and equine body work, and therapists who would like to learn the basics of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork®. In these hands-on seminar-workshops you will learn to recognize the visual responses of the horse to touch, and to find and release accumulated stress in key junctions of the body that most affect performance.

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Basic Requirements:

  • 12 - 14 horses.  Horses must be in good condition, have good stable manners, and be available with a nylon or leather halter and lead with each horse.  Please no rope halters for this clinic, if possible.  Pregnant mares, stallions and horses under the supervision of a veterinarian will not be permitted.
  • 6 - 7 stall spaces.  Clean stalls or individual pole paddocks close in proximity.  1/2 of the horses will be used on Sunday as fresh horses for students to work on.
  • Demonstration Area.  No smaller than a 12 x 12 stall, preferably enclosed on two or three sides such as a wash stall, large aisle or grooming stall.  
  • 12 - 14 chairs:  One chair per person (or hay bales to sit on for students during the demonstrations)
  • Be willing to pick up our instructor at the airport and deliver them back to the airport after the seminar.
  • Help spread the word to potential attendees - we require a minimum of 7 registrants to confirm the seminar.  It typically takes around 3 months to fill.

Host Benefits:

  • Complimentary attendance to the weekend seminar. 
  • Horses used during the seminar-workshop will experience the benefits of the Masterson Method.®
  • Spend quality time with other like-minded horse lovers.
  • Your event will be posted on our calendar page with a link to your website.
  • Your event will be posted on our Facebook page, with references to your stable and site.
  • For previous hosts we offer the choice of one free spot, a $225 off voucher to attend your next 5day workshop, or the complete Masterson Method® book and DVD library!

What We Offer:  "Host Support Kit"

  • A customized flyer - for you to print and distribute at your local equestrian clubs, 4H clubs, tack stores, dressage clubs, local stables, etc.
  • A checklist - with ideas of how to spread the word of your seminar, which you can check off as you go.
  • A pre-written press release for you to give to local news media (lifestyle/sports sections), for your website or your social media.
  • A social media “how to” easy instruction guide – to invite your friends; same for other social media and search engines.
  • High resolution image files of previous seminars/Jim/the Masterson Method® in action! For use on your website, social media, etc.

** We offer previous hosts an opportunity to earn a free spot at a Masterson Method® Weekend Seminar-Workshop. After 7 students have registered and paid, the host is eligible to attend the seminar for free. Those who have previously hosted a weekend seminar have the opportunity to choose either a complimentary spot, the Masterson Method® Complete Library, or a voucher for tuition off the Advanced 5-Day course.

If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out a Host Application online.

Course Outline


At the beginning of the seminar, students will receive a Masterson Method® workbook with clear step-by-step instructions. An Instructor will give an overview of the Masterson Method techniques and important points to watch for in the horse.

Hands-On Instruction

After the Instructor demonstrates a technique, students will pair up and go into a stall to practice the new technique. Students are encouraged to move from stall to stall to try the techniques on different horses to get the "feel" of another horse's problem.  Due to Jim's busy schedule, he only teaches the Advanced Courses.  But, not to worry, he hand-picks his Instructors!

Repeat with new techniques.

When students are comfortable with the technique taught, a new technique will be demonstrated. Following the demonstration, participants will pair up again and work on the new techniques.

What type of Venue/Facilities are we looking for?

  • Stalls. Stalls need to be easily accessible by all the students and the instructor. Contiguous stalls with lots of light are best, but not required.  Poll paddocks, and stalls with run-outs will also work. 
  • Demonstration Area. A demonstration area is a place where the students can comfortably sit and watch the instructor work and where the demonstration horse does not need to be tied. This could be a wash stall, a large aisle or grooming stall, an open pipe rail paddock, or an arena.
  • Lunch Area. A room or an area in the barn big enough for people to sit and eat lunch.
  • Horses. 12 - 14 horses available to use during the seminar.  A combination of working horses, with a few small horses and ponies are also helpful because of their size and ease of handling when lifting limbs, heads, etc.  Some of the horses will be used on Saturday, some on Sunday.
  • Condition of Facilities. There is a lot of information in the seminar to cover in two days, and there is a lot of hands-on work; handling of the head, neck, feet and legs by participants. Horses and stall floors need to be clean before the seminar begins.




Jim Masterson equine body worker

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