Masterson Method Therapy Program Specialist Training Workshop

Are you interested in the opportunity to a become part of a new and exciting application of the Masterson Method?  Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT) is a growing field, with equine therapy centers offering programming to a variety of clients and incorporating horses experientially to provide clients with physical, mental and behavioral health benefits and therapy.  Winston Churchill is credited with saying that “there’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man” and we at Masterson Equine Services agree.  And, to steal a bit of Churchill’s thinking, those of us who use the Masterson Method also understand that, ‘there’s something about the Masterson Method that is good for both the horse recipient and the human practitioner’.  To that end, we are excited to announce that we are developing a new specialty within the Masterson Method brand that will be called the Masterson Method Equine Therapy Specialist (MMETS).

For the past year a Pilot Therapy Program has been underway to research and develop the structure of this new MM programming.  In recent pilot MM Therapy Programs, some of the basic techniques of the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork were taught to EFT clients and used by them with the EFT horses in a structured and supervised setting.  The Pilot Program demonstrated that bringing the Masterson Method to the EFT setting, in a highly controlled, structured and safe manner, benefits both the EFT horses and clients.  The gentle, tactile, horse-focused, intuitive and interactive nature of this form of bodywork allows for new levels of connection with and communication by and with the EFT clients.  Initial MM Therapy Program pilot experiences in these EFT settings also showed that this experience, in addition to the predictable benefit to the EFT horses, also opens the door for facilitation of a therapeutic benefit to the EFT clients themselves, both during and after the session.

Training Workshop

A Masterson Method Equine Therapy Specialist (MMETS) and Programming will be offered in conjunction with a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar-Workshop and an approved Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT) center in partnership for a 4 day clinic.  Those that have already completed a Weekend Seminar Workshop can join the group for the 2-day MMETS Training.

Curriculum and Topics

The Masterson Method Equine Therapy Specialist (MMETS) Training program is to develop the process of introducing the Masterson Method to equine facilitated therapeutic settings. During the Training we will have the opportunity to work at a therapeutic horsemanship program. Over the course of the two days, topics to be covered will include types of programming EFT centers offer and their perspective on how the Masterson Method may serve various EFT client types; a discussion about the work that EFT horses do and this work’s effect on the horses physically, mentally and emotionally; identification of the list of Masterson Method techniques that can be brought to the EFT setting, including the types of modifications that may need to be considered, depending on the profile of EFT clients who may participate in an MM Equine Therapy Program;  an overview of how MM Equine Therapy  programs may be conducted, as well as risk management processes and steps to be included in programming; discussion of the role of the MMETS, including matching equine activities with the client group, collaborating with a mental health therapist or coach to provide an experience that has benefit to both the horse and the client and clarification of the role and responsibilities of MMETS; and, of course, this Training will include the opportunity to work on therapeutic horses at the facility. Participants will be actively involved in the ongoing process to develop and define this exciting new program. We are interested in your input and experiences as this role continues to develop!

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Therapy Program Specialist Training Workshop Application